Monday, April 7, 2014

First Woman on Mars

"The First Woman on Mars" by Ron Drummond as part of White Fungus 13th Issue Release! from Kadist San Francisco on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I wrote a song "First Woman on Mars". It was part of a series of themes for imaginary television shows that I've been working on.  As the father of four daughters, I like the idea of strong female leads for my pretend shows. Some of you might remember "Cowgirls". I Googled "First Woman on Mars" and the cover page for an essay by that name came up. I used this as part of the video.

The author, Ron Drummond, contacted me after seeing the video and wondered if I had been inspired by his essay. I explained that I hadn't read it and asked where I could find it. He sent me the link above.

He wrote, "I really like your melody, arrangement, and performance, it's wistful and captures in a sweet way some of the longing I feel when contemplating that topic...My dearest hope is that what I write might inspire people to think more positively about our future, it really is up to us to create something good and it's not too late!"

Now that I've heard Ron read his essay, I am inspired!  The song has been waiting for a C section... glad that I listened to his story before finishing it.

OK, we have an idea, theme song, an essay/outline, a writer... any producers out there?

Here's the recording and arrangement by Happy Lucky Combo...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Party Public Library

VCU Intercultural Festival

It was an honor to represent Southside at VCU Intercultural Day... in addition to the songs and dances of Southside we threw in some Serbian, a little Hungarian, a hunk of Lebanese, a tad of Russian and spiced it up with some mountain music from the Balkans.


The statuesque and pulchritudinous Khalima led the rites while a chorus of lovely Maenads joined in dance... beauty all around. Spring.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Rare Olde Times in April w/Happy Lucky

These performances are parties, plain and simple. Good food,  beer and whiskey. And most importantly, a commodious atmosphere.

photo Isaac Harrell